Mobile Health Clinics (MHCs)

AFGA provides RH services through its 20 Mobile Health Clinics (MHCs) under AFGA different Projects of AFGA including UNFPA, NORAD and Stream-3 Earthquake Emergency Response, where 14 MHTs work under UNFPA Project and 3 under Stream 3 Earthquake Emergency Response Project. The Emergency Project vans are designed with three rooms (one for a gynecologist, one for a midwife, and one for a male doctor) and a bathroom. Each clinic has five employees (a gynecologist, a male medical doctor, a midwife, a cleaner, and a driver).


Besides, the UNFPA Project MHTs are designed with 4 rooms (one for a midwife, one for a PSS Counselor, One for a male Medical Doctor, and one for the Vaccinator). The mobile clinics provide the necessary services to people with limited access to health and RH services. In 2023, AFGA Provided 121,593 reproductive health and non-reproductive health services to a total of 50,297 clients.