Family Health Houses (FHHs)

AFGA has adapted and demonstrated the effectiveness of Reproductive Health service delivery through the innovation and initiation of Family Health Houses (FHHs) to scale up and expand access to vulnerable communities, affected by conflict, earthquakes, floods, and drought. AFGA’s FHH model has been developed to allow for the expansion and continuation of services in areas where community outreach midwives’ movement is restricted and only possible if they have a mahram/ family chaperone.


This model of care is a community-based health and home-based reproductive health facility. FHHs are established in the houses of AFGA midwives, which have a small office and delivery room. This project will support the FHH model in villages to provide services to populations where maternal mortality is very high. In 2023, AFGA provided 414,748 services to vulnerable clients through 85 active FHHS.