Core Fund Project

AFGA as a member association of the International Planned Parenthood Federation receives core funds for running IPPF-supported activities and the member associate running costs. Core Fund supports providing Reproductive Health services to vulnerable women and girls, empowering women and youths, advocating for reproductive health services, and mobilizing resources for AFGA.


The fund supports nine Family Welfare Centers 5 in Kabul (Rabia Balkhi, Istiqlal, Malalai Hospital, Policlinic, and Ahmad Shah Baba Mina Hospital), one in Nangarhar Regional Hospital, one in Herat Regional Hospital, one in Balkh Regional Hospital, and one in Parwan provincial hospital. Also supports three Community Outreach Midwives, two in Nangarhar and one in Kabul.


During the year 2023, the Core Fund Project team delivered quality integrated Reproductive Health (RH) services to clients through nine Family Welfare Centers (FWCs)/Static Clinics and three Community Outreach Midwives in different provinces. The nine static clinics and three Community Outreach Midwives reached out to 324,684 clients and delivered a total of 1,547,282 services throughout the year. These Reproductive Health (RH) services included Family Planning, ANC, PNC, STI, HIV, Obstetrics, Subfertility, Urology, general counseling and post abortion care. 


The Core Fund Project was able to achieve its annual targets and was closely monitored and supervised by program and M&E teams. 9 Family Welfare Centers/Static Clinics, Community Outreach Midwives, Family Health Houses (FHHs), and Herat Province Regional Warehouse.