Afghan Family Guidance Association

Implementing Partner for UNFPA’s Reproductive Health Services

Afghan family Guidance Association is key partner of UNFPA at country level, AFGA successfully implemented UNFPA funded project on Adolescent youth and provide quality adolescent youth friendly services through 120 youth health line center and 25 youth health corners in 9 provinces of Afghanistan. AFGA received more than 120,000 calls from all around the country in 2018 and has provided quality ASRH counselling and referral services to youths.
AFGA Youth health corners was established in BPHS and EPHS setup, the existing services providers were trained on ASRH, the key initiative in 2018 was stating provision of pre-marriages counselling for the first time in Afghanistan through 10 youth health corners, all services providers from the selected YHCs were trained by the international trainer on pre-marriages counselling.

The Midwifery helpline was established in 2016 and is very effective life-saving approach, the line is active 7/24 and providing online consultation to services providers from the remote areas of Afghanistan while facing problem and difficulties in their work, more than 8000 online consultations on SRH related issues were provided in 2018.