Afghan Family Guidance Association

AFGA’s Static Clinics

AFGA runs nine static clinics across Afghanistan, 5 of these are in Kabul and one each in Nangarhar, Balkh, Parwan and Herat. These clinics are based within government hospitals. We offer quality integrated package of essential services (IPES) to clients, which includes family planning counselling and consultation, post-abortion care, Sexually Transmitted Infections testing, counselling and management including HIV/AIDS testing and prevention counselling, gynecological services such breast and cervical cancer screening, and ante-natal and post-natal care and counselling as well as specialized GBV counselling and screening services.

Each clinic is staffed by a specialist gynecologist, a trained midwife and support staff.

Through its 8 static clinics AFGA provides above 2 million sexual and reproductive health services each year.

Afghan government, specifically the Ministry of Public Health and the UNFPA are partners of AFGA in these clinics. AFGA runs these static clinics through the its core funds received from the IPPF. Due to the success of the model, AFGA plans to expand static clinics, to other provinces of Afghanistan.