Afghan Family Guidance Association

Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies

One of AFGA’s key priorities is to enable public’s access to reproductive and sexual health services when communities are hit by natural and man-made disasters.
AFGA, along with other stakeholders, carries out advocacy on the integration of Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) to the midwifery school curriculum at national level. AFGA believes that it is essential that the country’s health care providers are able to continue provision of services in emergencies. To enable this AFGA is advocating changes in the healthcare curriculum, starting from midwifery curriculum.

AFGA provides training to healthcare providers in the government and the civil society sectors on the skills to effectively manage reproductive health needs in emergencies.

AFGA provides reproductive and sexual health care services in emergency situations. For instance, AFGA provided emergency response in Badakhshan after a landslide took place in 2014, and provided services to internally displaced people and returnees in 2017 in Nangarhar province.